Our Services

Residential Real Estate

Our team offers customized selling options for all residential properties, including move-in-ready homes, quality properties in need of updates, and rental houses.

Premier Real Estate

Auction leverages the market to find a true valuation as unique as your luxury listing. Let us design a personalized plan that maximizes your property's value.

Commercial Real Estate

We sell all types of commercial properties, including retail, office, development, industrial, warehouse, restaurant, hospitality, recreational, and turnkey businesses.

Farm, Ranch and Livestock

Let us leverage our nation-wide reach and brand exposure to bring competitive bidders from across the country to your land auction and/or livestock auction for the highest price.

Personal Property

Estates, collections, business liquidations – we manage personal property auctions with a custom and streamlined process that includes appraisals and a quick timeline.


Lambert Auction Company is a family owned company with deep roots in the North Texas area. We are happy to partner with nonprofits to bring the most value to their fundraising as Benefit Auction Specialists. We come to entertain your guests as well as increase your potential.

Types of Auctions

Absolute: This means the property is selling, regardless of price, to the highest bidder with no limiting conditions. Some auctioneers use the term “No minimum/No reserve” to communicate this as well.

Reserve: This means the seller has the right to put a “reserve” or bottom dollar on the amount the property will sell for. Some auctioneers will use the language “subject to seller confirmation,” which is communicating the same thing: sellers will have the right to accept or reject the final bid.

Live auction: If you’re looking for the fast-talking excitement, this is where you’ll find it. This is a true live auction with an auctioneer selling the real estate at a specified place and time. It's customary now to have people bid online at each and every live auction. 

Online only auction: In this type of auction all bidding is conducted online. There will not be a live auction, only the ability to register and place your bids through the auction website. There will be a specified timeframe that bidding is open and a bidding closing date and time provided.

Simulcast or live stream: This is actually a combination of live and online. It is marketed as a “Live auction with online bidding,” meaning you can participate either way. There will be a live auction conducted that you, as a buyer, could attend or you could watch, listen and bid from your computer or mobile device.

Sealed bid: Similar to online, this is one where there is not actually a live auction, but a specified timeframe for you to submit your bid to the auction company. This differs from the online, because typically the bids are not publicly viewable, but “sealed” until the auction is completed.

Required Minimum Bid Auctions: These auctions are started by a minimum bid already in place decided upon by the seller in consultation with the auction company. Once the competitive bidding has taken place and a high bidder wins, the gavel falls at that price. Where the gavel falls is the selling price.