"Wendy is the most dynamic auctioneer I have had the pleasure of working with in my 21 years in the non-profit industry. She has the most energetic personality that will draw in the crowd at a fundraising event in the most delightful of ways. Her engaging and insightful ways of marrying the mission and the call to action makes for a special event and experience for all. I can not envision a call-to-action or a live auction without Wendy Lambert!"

Emily Allbright, Executive Director - TeamConnor Childhood Cancer Foundation

“Wendy Lambert is one of the most highly regarded auctioneers in Texas. She is well respected, knowledgeable and consistently sells auction packages at top value. Wendy is the only auctioneer in Dallas who can get a ballroom of 1200 guests to stop talking and start bidding. You can hear a pin drop when she is making her mission appeal.”

Jennifer Arthur, Executive Director, Children’s Cancer Fund

“We initially chose Wendy as our auctioneer because of her professional reputation but we have continued to hire her because of the results she brings in, we also just love her!! She is genuine and has a personal relationship with everyone on our team. I highly recommend her because she is passionate about raising money for her clients, has a heart to serve and works hard to raise every dollar your guests have in their hearts to give. She stands out in her industry because of her dynamic stage presence and experience she brings as a fundraising consultant. Wendy conducts her business with integrity and desires to know how she can improve each year. Her desire is to be the best for each organization she serves."

Linda Paulk, President and CEO, Sky Ranch Camps

“Great auctioneering is an art form. It is the ability to let the numbers roll poetically off the tip of your tongue while keeping a room full of people energized and engaged. Truly exceptional auctioneering goes beyond the art. This is when "the heart meets the art". When an auctioneer can connect with a room on a very personal and emotional level. They have the ability to dig deep into the hearts of an audience, creating an elevated sense of urgency that says nothing is more important at this moment than this cause. These are the traits of a truly exceptional auctioneer. These are the traits of Wendy Lambert. We believe in her because we know she believes in our work. We have seen her bring a crowd to its feet, tears to their eyes and hands on their wallets. We have been the beneficiary of support far greater than what we could have accomplished without her. Without a doubt, Wendy brings heart to the art of auctioneering.”

Kevin Hall, President of the Grant Halliburton Foundation

“We have worked with Wendy since 2016 and we love her enthusiasm and fun personality! We appreciate Wendy’s expertise and willingness to always make our event a success! Her energy on stage keeps our guests excited and wanting to support our cause.”

Michelle Kapreilian, Executive Director Forty Carrots Family Center

“We have contracted Wendy for numerous events. What excites me the most about her style is how she keeps the audience engrossed and involved in the sale! She delivers the energy while keeping it fun for our guests who often comment about her level of professionalism. I would recommend Wendy to anyone who is interested in getting the most out of their auction!”

Brian Huth Sam Pack Ford, Carrollton, Texas