Doak Lambert Testimonials

Just over three decades ago, I met Doak Lambert. It was definitely a milestone in the future success of Mound Creek Ranch. We learned quickly when Colonel Doak Lambert shows up you have the very best package on the block taking care of your business. You are in good hands. We have sat on the block together about 45 times. Wow, time flies when success abounds and you are having fun! Meeting Doak was definitely a milestone for the success and future of Mound Creek Ranch.

Eddie Blazek, Owner Operator, Mound Creek Ranch

Doak along with being a respected auctioneer is very likable by the customers at each event. Doak has an eye for cattle and a good perspective of both the purebred and commercial side of the cattle business. He keeps the sale and momentum moving in a positive direction at all events. We value what Doak brings to our auctions.

Joe Cavender, Owner Operator, Cavender Ranches

Doak has been our auctioneer since 2007. We enjoy being with him, and he does a very nice job.

Mary Lou Bradley-Henderson, Bradley 3 Ranch